The Lawyer -Chapter 1- [FF]

Author : Chocolate_yul
Title : The Lawyer
Cast: Choi Sooyoung, Choi Siwon, Jung Yunho, Kwon Yuri
Chapter 1

Sooyoung was staring flabbergasted at her friend. Well, not only her but also many people who attend her court shocked seeing Yuri yelled angrily to Yunho attorney. Her fists clenched tightly and she breathed heavily. They stand faced each other in front of the judge. The other side, Yunho looked so composedly with his hands in pocket, smirking to the fury lady in front of him.
“That’s enough Ms. Yuri! You may go sit down now!” The judge knocked his gavel.
“Ms. Yuri! I warn you!” He raised his tone because Yuri stayed still in her spot while her gaze is burning to Yunho.
“Objection your highness. . . . .” Yuri spoke through her gritted teeth.
“No objection! Have a sit, could you?” the judge ordered with desperate tone.
Finally Yuri gave up and obeyed the judge. She placed herself beside Sooyoung who gaped watching the show.
“What the heck was that?” Sooyoung hissed after manage herself. “Yuri, you will mess up everything if you keep that behave of you.”
“I hate him, Soo.” Her eyes were never leave Yunho.
“Your highness, I’m requesting for recess.” Yunho persuaded the judge.
“Accepted. Break for 20 minute!” As the judge announced, everybody was starting to leave the court hall. Yuri immediately dragged Sooyoung to their waiting room.

“Are you crazy?” Sooyoung could not help herself from scolding Yuri. “Yuri, you are the best lawyer that I’ve ever know. Where is that side of you? How could you let him controlling you?”
“Something about him could make me lost my control Soo. I don’t know if Mr. Siwon will choose him as his attorney.” She messaged her ache temples. Having argument against Yunho would never been easy and always made her headache.
“Then hold yourself! You never let anyone persuade your estimation before.” She tried to calm Yuri. “Take a deep breath and believe we can win against them.” She instructed. “I don’t want to ruin your image in front of the paparazzi Yul.”
“If that’s happen, the first person I will sue is that bastard Jung!” She breathed heavily.
“Okay. Now, could you please sit down instead of making me panic?” She pleaded.

“You’re awesome Jung! Look at her. She exploded in front of the judge.” Siwon was pleasant with his friend. Yunho only gave him his famous devilish smirk while he was busy with the documents.
“It seems we will win on the first court.” He grinned only just imagining.
“Don’t be so overhead Siwon, you haven’t seen her skills.” He lifted his head to check the document. “She might be looked lost, but she will give her counter attack after this.”
“But I’m certain you can win over her. That selfish little Ms. Tiny leggy leg should apologize to me for crashing my car.” His rage was rise again as the thought of his favorite car now on reparation.
“Easy buddy, you’re the one who crashing her car.” Yunho scoffed at him.
“What is this? You’re on her side now?” He glared at grinning Yunho.
“If you apologize immediately, this wouldn’t be happen Siwon.” Yunho reminded him. “Besides, money is not her goal. This is happen because both of you are SELFISH.” He emphasized the last word.
“Okay,okay,,, Just make sure I get her apologize.” Siwon answered dispassionately.
“I’ll try my best buddy.” He was still busy with the documents, thinking hard about who will be the next witness from Yuri’s side. Yunho agreed to help him because he is his best friend since high school. He knew that Siwon is selfish type, tough.

The court session was start again after 20 minute break. Paparazzi were waiting patiently until it would finish because they were curious who will be the winner in this ridiculous case. The break time seemed help a lot for Yuri. She could control her anger for the rest of the court. She also showed her famous skill. While Yunho and Sooyoung seemed amazed with Yuri’s skill, Siwon looked so nervous on his seat. Yunho did not mind at all he lost his pleasure for teasing Yuri, yet he got the new show.
After the fierce argument and they should waiting for like forever for the judge to discuss, it’s been decided that both of the side were wrong and should apologize each other. Sooyoung was pleasant with the result, but Siwon grumbled none stop to Yunho.
“Oh God, I will never apologize to that giraffe.” He peeked at Sooyoung.
“Watch your mouth! It’s been decided and proves said you’re also wrong.” He warned him earning long loud groan from Siwon. “Just face the truth and be a gentleman.” He patted his best friend shoulder.
“Could you replace me? Just say that I’ve called for some important meeting.” Siwon pleaded.
“It will be worse if you doesn’t apology by yourself. She accepted the decision whole heartily Siwon.” Yunho encouraged him. “Just don’t be coward, can you?”
“Fine! Let’s finish this quickly.” Siwon angrily walked towards the press confers room.

“Where are they?” Sooyoung talked using her wonderful ventriloquism skill with her mouth smile widely in front of the camera.
“They’ll be here. Just wait a minute.” Yuri calmed her down.
“If they dare making me embarrassed in front of the media, I swear I’ll kill him.” She murmured.
Suddenly the door click opened, revealing Siwon followed by Yunho behind him. He smiled brightly to the paparazzi then turned to Sooyoung and Yuri. They walked towards them and sat beside the woman.
Without platitude, he talked directly “Ms. Sooyoung, I would like to ask your forgiveness. I’m really sorry about your car which was actually whole my fault.” Siwon started his fake caring speech, trying to get sympathize from peoples inside the room.
Sooyoung raised her eyebrow upon hearing Siwon apology. What’s gotten into this people? Just view minutes ago he was angry because he has to apology.
“then, how about your car, Mr? I’ve heard that you want me to change the reparation cost?” Sooyoung jeered earning elbow from Yuri.
“Don’t you dare to start the fight, Soo!” She whispered.
“I change my mind upon seeing your tragic car.” He declared. “Well, let’s forgive each other, , ,” He offered his hand to Sooyoung and gave her question look.
5 second, , , , 10 second, , , ,15 second, , , , Yuri pinched her friend. “Take that hand and shake it.”
Sooyoung replied her with glare before finally took his hand and shook it lightly. “Deal!”
The media busy took their shaking hand picture.
“Give your usual smile.” Yuri whispered again behind her ears.
Meanwhile Yunho was busy observing Yuri’s behavior during the ‘fake apology’. Seemed like he is got the spell after seeing Yuri’s mad at the court. When Yuri lifted her head, she met gaze with Yunho who still observed her carefully with foolish grin. She glared to him only to earn his playful wink and that devilish smirk. Somehow it could make Yuri’s heartbeat increase rapidly. She immediately turned her head to avoid his beautiful eyes.


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